Children's Ministries 

Infants - 5th Graders

Infant – 3 years old

Caring nursery workers provide a clean and safe environment for your children. We have security in place so parents can worship, and at the same time, have peace of mind regarding their children. Nursery is provided for newborns through age three at all services.

Helpers  Ms. Jessica Anwar, Mrs. Stephanie Rodriguez

Preschool Sunday School
3 years old – Kindergarten

On Sunday mornings, when a child reaches age two, he goes to a class that actually teaches a Sunday school lesson. These lessons are age-appropriate and lay a foundation for future spiritual growth and development. Each week these children sing Bible songs, memorize Bible verses, prepare a craft and learn a lesson from the Bible. They learn lessons about who Jesus is, following after God, loving God’s Word and many lessons about Jesus.

Teachers – Mrs. Beulah Whorrie, Mrs. Jasmatie Persaud

Elementary Sunday School
1st Grade – 5th Grade

The primary classes at Gospel Light are an exciting area to visit! Each week there are games, lessons and songs. Children in this age group learn about individual characters in the Bible as well as get a foundational introduction of the doctrines of our faith. They are encouraged to complete weekly Bible reading as well as Scripture memory.

Teachers – Ms. Sheila Dice, Ms. Caroline Harrysingh, Ms. Jean Ramdeen