We will be live-streaming during each of our regularly scheduled service times. Sunday Morning 11:00 AM, Sunday Night 6:30 PM and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. We will stream these messages each week on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We strongly encourage that you create a Facebook account (If you need help doing this just reach out to us and we can have someone help you over a phone call) to watch while we are live. The services are also uploaded to Youtube a couple of hours after they are streamed live, if you are not able to watch while live.

COVID-19 Update

How Can I Give My Offering?

Please pray for our church finances during these unusual times. If you would like to continue giving although we are not able to meet physically, giving online may be the best option as the church seeks to stay on track financially. To give online visit glbcny.com/give to learn how you can give online or through text messaging. If you have any questions about online giving or need help with setup, please contact Br. Justin (929) 302-1104.

Who Should I Contact with a Need?

In times of uncertainty and fear, this is a time for us to be a light! Please check in on your brothers and sisters in Christ and try to be a help and blessing if you are able. If you know someone in the vulnerable age range or elderly in the church that needs help with any errands or needs something taken care of and you cannot provide the help that they need please contact Br. Ramesh (347) 945-9615 to organize for someone to help them.