21 Years Strong

This year has passed, but I am not sure we would say quickly! God has been so good to our church though! We will be CELEBRATING on Sunday, for our 21st Anniversary! I want to encourage everyone to come and enjoy the day with Gospel Light Baptist Church! We truly have seen God help us in so many ways that we need to give thanks and praise to our God, and our Lord Jesus Christ! God is worthy of our time, our effort, and our lives! Please help us to get the word out to all in your circle, and invite a friend to come with you. I have enclosed a few photos giving all a blast from the past.

Please be in prayer for:

*Rafeena and family

*Molly’s family

*Marylou Boog

*Ethan and Nesa

*Ramesh’s ankle


*Rene Juarez' father - health


1. Teen Trip to Jersey Shore BC - Friday - cost $25

2. Men’s Meeting Friday 7:30 pm

3. Soulwinning Saturday 11:00 am

4. Anniversary Sunday 11-15-20

5. Men’s Retreat 11 / 19-21 / 20

God bless you all and have a great day in the Lord!

Pastor Dana G. Dice

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